Digital Release Date: March 26th, 2020


1. Rise* (05:26)
2. Bridges Ablaze* (05:02)
3. Now* (04:10)
4. Until I Leave* (05:49)
5. The Fire Inside* (03:55)
6. 1808 (Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 67: Allegro Con Brio)
- Ludwig Van Beethoven 

7. 1877 (Swan Lake, Op. 20A: Act 2, Scéne)
- Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikovsky 

8. 1896 (Symphony No. 8 In C Minor, WAB 108: IV: Finale: Feierlich, nicht schnell; Symphony No. 9 In D Minor, WAB 109/143: II. Scherzo: Bewegt, Lebhaft; Trio: Schnell)
- Anton Bruckner

*feat. Selin Schönbeck

Matt Carviero
All Guitars, Bass, Keyboards,
Orchestra and Drum Programmings

Selin Schönbeck
All Vocals

Matt Carviero


Mattias Frisk


Sonic Seducer: "The debut album of former Contracrash guitarist Matt Carviero convinces with Symphonic Metal, which does not lack a certain hardness. Who appreciates classic Power Metal will not spurn the album."

Legacy: "Amazingly fresh and powerful. Songs that somehow breathe the spirit of the 80s – especially through the Rock voice of Selin Schönbeck (We Are Legend) – want to make themselves heard. Apart from the five ‘new’ songs [...] the arrangements of classical compositions, which alone are worth listening to, shine above all. […] Especially on the last three you can wonderfully hear the symbiosis of Metal and Classic, how it hits your ears in perfection. You can certainly hope for even more classics in the future! All in all a well-rounded piece of music, how the past kisses the present on In Our Blood."

• "[…] all in all implemented in a strong and diversified way." "[…] creatively and catchy composed. A good album that can be placed on a par with Kamelot, Mystic Prophecy and Savatage."

Norway Rock Magazine: "Schönbeck has an impressive vocal range and a wide variation of tones. […] full of everything that defines Symphonic Metal."

• "He put his heart and soul on these songs and they are highly enjoyable. […] The second part of the album was absolutely fantastic. They decided to transform some classical compositions into full-blown Heavy Metal. […] His arrangements of the three songs are incredible and a full album of these songs would have been a godsend. I would have reviewed this album even higher! […] All in all, this is a love letter to great underrated Metal bands like the aforementioned Savatage mixed with some classical Metal random goodness."

• "Bells and Ravens is an interesting collection of studio recordings from a musical virtuoso. […] this album has something to offer fans of Metal guitar and classical music that make it well worth checking out."

• "In Our Blood è un esordio eccellente per Matt Carviero ed i suoi Bells and Ravens."

Powerful symphonies, heavy guitars and enchanting melodies, these are Bells and Ravens.
Former Contracrash guitarist Matt Carviero from Southern Germany creates an extraordinary sound, which covers the whole range of feelings between wild Metal rage and epically scored tales since 2018.
Besides bombastic original compositions, Bells and Ravens also deliver spectacular Metal arrangements of classical symphonies, which would impress Beethoven and Yngwie Malmsteen equally.

“In Our Blood” will be released on March 26th, 2020 via Dr. Music Records and presents a grandiose debut, which clearly shows the years of experience of its songwriter. Matt Carviero combines classical elements with hard riffs on his album in a masterful way. The melodies skilfully tell varied stories and and the well produced album has an impressive and distinctive aesthetic. The result is unconventional Power Metal with progressive and symphonic elements, combining the best of Kamelot, Mystic Prophecy and Savatage with a variety of nuances to create a signature sound.

Originally started as a side project, Bells and Ravens quickly developed to become the main focus of virtuoso mastermind Matt Carviero. He composes and produces the songs by himself and We Are Legend vocalist Selin Schönbeck gives them a fascinating dynamic with his remarkable voice.
In his project, Matt Carviero combines his influences from traditional Metal with symphonic and sometimes even electronic sounds to a detailed, emotionally profound and unique soundscape.

With “In Our Blood” he is now composing his first symphony, in which Bells and Ravens pay homage to both the highs and lows of human existence. The equally hard and powerful sounding opener “Rise“, a song about the lessons of life, is followed by the progressive “Bridges Ablaze“, which is about the moment when you bury your individual goals and not pursue them any further. It continues with “Now“, a title that appeals to live life according to one’s own ideas. In the ballad “Until I Leave” Carviero expresses his feelings for his deceased father, accompanied by acoustic guitars. The decisive “The Fire Inside” concludes with a story about the injustice of people betraying others by making their problems theirs and getting away with it.

An extraordinary addition to the album are the three outstanding adaptations of classical works. The piece “1808” represents Matt Carviero’s contribution to the Beethoven year 2020 by reinterpreting the famous Fifth Symphony with powerful guitars and a complete Metal arrangement. In “1877” the maestro does not even stop at Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and for the finale he proves with the Bruckner Metal Medley “1896” that he can also reproduce a complete orchestra true to the original.


Bells and Ravens bring fresh blood to the Symphonic Metal scene with their excellent sound and the combination of Classic and Progressive Metal elements. Surrounded by a modern and brute soundscape and the wonderful cover artwork by Mattias Frisk (Ghost, Poltergeist, Siberian), they take the listener on a journey through heaven and hell. Not only fans of the mentioned bands or open-minded and tolerant listeners of classical music should not miss the solo debut of this exceptional songwriter!